It’s What Your Lungs Have Been Waiting For

fresh air should be a right and not a privilege


We produced our glass bottles of coastal air to raise awareness and start conversations around the importance of air quality. They were initially a talking point and a souvenir.

However, the concept of being able to breathe freshly bottled UK coastal air soon sparked interest from polluted areas all around the world.

Some people still bought our bottles as souvenirs. Others started inhaling the fresh coastal air at home on a daily basis. They found that it helped counter the harmful effects of air pollution. It also soothed their sore throats. Many customers live in in smog-filled cities across the world. Here the pollution levels are very high.

Customers inhale the cool refreshing air prior to a mindfulness sessions. It is also helpful before yoga practice. With these uses in mind, we also started to record the “sound of the sea”. We now take great pleasure in offering an all-encompassing inhalation and audio experience for our customers.

Why is Coastal Air so Good for Us?

Recent studies show that breathing coastal air has a positive impact on our health. Negative ions that are plentiful in sea spray help the body to absorb oxygen. They also neutralise damaging free radicals.

These negative ions balance out our levels of a hormone that lessens anxiety. It also promotes the feel-good factor.

Why Choose Us?


We travel the length and breadth of Great Britain. We visit remote locations of outstanding natural beauty. From here we capture only the purest air.

But browse through the site and you will find in-depth articles on divers matters such as “air quality in London” and the giant “Xian Smog Tower” in China.

Many factors set us apart from similar companies. We monitor and measure every single bottle we capture. We use highly sensitive equipment to ensure the purity of each bottle

Our captures are therefore both unique and of the very highest quality.

We are based on the beautiful shorelines of the South East of England. From here, we welcome you to enjoy the many health benefits of breathing our freshly captured coastal air.