Being by the Sea

Coast Capture Air have the privilege to be based on the beautiful unspoilt shorelines of the South East of England in Great Britain where fresh, natural sea air blows through the rafters of our seaside home.

Our many visitors have often commented on feeling refreshed and invigorated by breathing our fresh coastal air and regularly request to take bottles home with them so that they may inhale the fresh coastal air to revitalise and refresh their senses, often enjoying as an accompaniment to their mindfulness, meditation or yoga practice and morning and bedtime routines.

It is no coincidence that for centuries, breathing coastal air has been recognised for its many health promoting benefits and curative qualities, to revitalise and stimulate both the mind and body. The rejuvenation our guests continue to experience today, is a testament to our fresh coastal breeze.

We are a large loving family, always welcoming relatives or friends to stay with us in our extensive and charming seaside home. We welcome you to our world and hope you too will enjoy the many pleasures of breathing freshly captured coastal air. 

Love Sally, Callum, Ronnie, Hugo, Emily, Rosy & Petra
Not forgetting, Toby and Dusty 


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