Why We Choose to Use British Glass

As a family company, our core values are of paramount importance.  We to strive to deliver high standards of quality and exclusivity to our customers from the high-premium products we create to the choice and superiority of packaging we choose.   We are acutely conscious of the environmental impact of our packaging and are therefore proud to choose British Glass to store our products.

Due to its well-established reputation for quality, British Glass provides the most natural and purest solution for packaging freshly captured coastal air.

We are therefore proud to choose Rawlings & Son (Bristol) Limited for our bottles and our corks.     

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Let us not forget…

Glass is made from natural materials, so the contents of glass bottles will not become contaminated. Glass does not lose its shape and will maintain the quality of its product better than any other packaging, so the contents are guaranteed to stay fresher for longer. 

Glass is 100% recyclable. Having an endless recycling life, British Glass meets with our core values to consider the environment on which we so heavily rely. 

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Jaime Lawson