The 5 Key Benefits of Breathing Fresh Air

1.       Helps boost your energy

By sending air to your brain, the circulatory system receives the best fuel to deliver to the rest of your body. In doing so, the body feels much more energised and refreshed based on the quality of air received. If the air has less pollution then it will, of course, naturally be beneficial.

This is a current hot topic for study. For example the University of Rochester compared the results of different methods of taking a break.  Within the study students were asked to go outside to breathe fresh air, whilst others stayed indoors and drank a cup of caffeinated coffee. Results found the students who were able to go outside and take a “breather” were able to return to their work much more focused and energised. Taking a few deep breaths outdoors may be just what you need to beat the afternoon lull.  

It gets better:

2.       Blood Pressure and Overall Health

Breathing in polluted air causes your lungs and body to work overtime. It may come as no surprise then that breathing in fresh air lowers blood pressure. Practice taking really deep breaths when around coastal air will lower blood pressure levels even more.

Would you believe that your body could better fight bacteria, feel healthier, and have more energy just through the quality of the air you breathe?

Recent studies are revealing just how much of an impact fresh air, or the lack of it, has in our modern world.

While here are a multitude of benefits to being outdoors, breathing fresh air benefits our bodies in many ways. From the brain to the “blues,” we will walk through five key benefits that fresh air has on us.

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3.       Immune System Benefits

Studies show that the natural balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide found in fresh air supports the production of the white blood cells. Whilst breathing oxygen alone can be harmful as oxygen toxicity could occur, when exposed to air polluted with toxins, our immune system suffers.

So what’s the answer?

Actively fight the germs, bacteria and viruses encountered throughout the day by breathing fresh, coastal air, as being by the sea gives your body a sense of renewed energy and decreases stress.

 4.       Mood

The normal mix of oxygen inhaled with nitrogen and other gasses displays a connection to the serotonin released in the brain. Serotonin is a hormone and neurotransmitter that is linked to amongst other areas, our mood, memory and appetite. Higher serotonin levels in an individual lead to a feeling of happiness. Based on this connection, receiving fresh coastal air can boost the level of serotonin and result in a boosted mood. Being at a beach location also contributes to a feel-good relaxed mood.

It gets even better:

5.       Digestion

What do the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, and digestive systems have in common? All these systems within the body benefit from clean air. Though seemingly separate in their roles, these systems function much better when the body receives fresh air instead of the recycled or polluted air in our cities, workplaces and homes.

Studies also show the link between fresh coastal air and the digestive system. Clean breathing benefits food processing. If there is time in your schedule to take a walk-in nature, or even a beach location, right after eating a meal, do so! Your digestive system will be supported through the movement and air on the walk. If walking is not an option, breathe in fresh air after a meal. The air will benefit your whole body, while your digestive system can function at full strength. Taking time to stop to breathe fresh air after eating will also give your body time to feel fuller. It’s a win-win habit to work into your day.

Want to know the best bit?

Reap the benefits at home

Those who partake in regular exposure to fresh air in nature or at the coast, reap its many benefits and return to their normal schedules feeling refreshed and energised. However, seeking a cleaner lifestyle in today’s modern world is a difficult feat to accomplish due to our busy lifestyles and toxic gridlocked cities.

Click, Listen & Relax

For those who do not have the time to venture to the coast, Coast Capture Air delivers fresh air and all if its benefits to your door. The health benefits of breathing coastal air are ten-fold. With their regular air captures from carefully selected shorelines around Great Britain, Coast Capture Air take care to monitor each capture to guarantee the air is as unpolluted as possible.  To accompany your inhalation, they have added the sounds of where the air is captured to their website, so you can click, listen and relax.

But what’s the bottom line?

If breathing pure oxygen could cause toxicity and breathing fresh outdoor air may be polluted, what’s the answer? Coast Capture Air guarantee the quality of the air they capture by measuring the level of pollutants first, so every lungful benefits your respiratory system. 

We encourage you to invite fresh coastal air into your day and enjoy the best the great outdoors has to offer.

Do you notice differences in your health when you intentionally breathe coastal air?

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