How Do We Differ from Our Competitors?

There will always be people selling Air

but there are no guarantees that the air is authentic.

Coast Capture Air differ from their competitors in numerous ways:

The Coastal Air Capture:

To secure the curative properties and health benefits of our air, we only sell coastal air captured from the remote and rugged shorelines around Great Britain. Only at such secluded locations are the levels of pollutants particularly low. We authenticate these claims using data from highly sensitive air monitors, as well as other air quality monitoring equipment. The monitors detect the level of particulate matter and only when the levels of pollutants are extremely low, would we consider air capture.

We often film or photograph the moment leading up to the air capture, to authenticate the location and the weather conditions at the moment of capture.

We bottle and seal at source to preserve the quality of the air we capture. We only collect a limited number of bottles at one time. Our air captures are often reserved in advance of our expeditions by our customers from across the globe.

All of the Coast Capture Air team possess the same strong values surrounding air quality and are passionate advocates of the clean air challenge.

We have a strong environmental policy which we follow to the letter. Environmental Policy & Values.

The Personalised Air Capture:

The above benchmark standards also apply to our Personalised Air Capture service. The only difference being that the air is captured from the location our customers choose, which is not necessarily a coastal location. Personalised Air Capture service.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We value our customers and give care and attention at each step of the process. This is one of the reasons why so many of our customers return for repeat orders.