The Purity of Our Captures & How Much Oxygen is in Air?

Latest Collection

We make sure that the air we capture is as pure and unpolluted as possible. We utilise highly specific and sensitive air quality monitors. We measure how much particulate matter is contained in each sample.

We work closely with a leading UK air monitor manufacturer. They have kindly supplied us with the most cutting edge equipment. We can therefore guarantee that the air is scientifically proven to contain extremely low levels of any criteria pollutants. We record accurate measurements and valid data on each and every one of our air capturing expeditions.

For many years, air quality has been assessed by measuring criteria pollutants using reference standard monitors.

  • NO2 (and associated NO)

  • SO2 (This is now much reduced by the use of low-sulphur diesel and reduction of use of coal as a fuel.)

  • O3

  • CO

  • PM-10 (Particulate Matter)

Other components that could also be measured include VOCs, black carbon etc. CO2 is often mentioned, as it is easy to measure but this is more of a greenhouse gas.

We have found that measuring particulate matter using portable instruments has the best correlation to reference monitors.

Our cutting-edge equipment can indeed detect and record numerous pollutants. However, the most common question we are asked in surveys is the percentage of oxygen that each sample contains.

Sally Lands