Snowboarding in the French Alps with the Coast Capture Air Team

Ascending the Alps!

Air Farming can be hard work!

Even the fit, young members of the Coast Capture Air team need a holiday now and again.

Snowboarding is one of their favourite winter olympic sports and a great way of winding down and relaxing.

So before the team were all rushed off their feet with the late Spring air captures, they took a little breather (yes, sorry) and flew off to the French Alps.

Did You Know?

Snowboarding was first included in the games in 1998 when it was held in Nagano, Japan. It was one of five new disciplines added to the program between 1992 and 2002 It was however, the only one not to have been a previous medal or demo event.

Quick Quiz

Can you name all the “icey events” in the 2018 games? There are 15 of them… Scroll down for the answers.


Shortly after our return, we set off on our next expedition to Studland Bay. This is along the beautiful Purbeck Heritage coast and is one of our favourite destinations for air capturing in Great Britain.

Whilst Callum, Rosie and Neil (the newest member of the team) were away on holiday. Those back at base, namely Sally, was busy posting out our most recent air captures from the idyllic Suffolk coast. So make sure you place your order with Sally soon as stocks are running low.

The team enjoyed the fresh mountain air but all said that it was no match for the coastal air of Great Britain.

If you have missed out on our recent captures from Suffolk, do not worry...when we return, we will be visiting Studland Bay, the beautiful Purbeck Heritage coast which is one of our favourite destinations for air capturing in Great Britain.

Quiz Answers

There are main divisions and sub-divisions but the main 15 events are (1) Snowboarding; (2) Bobsled; (3) Luge; (4) Skeleton; (5) Ice Hockey; (6) Figure Skating; (7) Ice Dancing; (8) Speed Skating inc Short Track Speed Skating; (9) Curling; (10) Alpine Skiing; (11) Freestyle Skiing; (12) Biathlon; (13) Cross-country Skiing; (14) Ski Jumping and (15) Nordic Combined (which is essentially ski jumping and cross-country skiing).

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