Quite breath-taking, literally!

The Coast Capture Air team are still glad to be travelling around Western Scotland. You will see from our website that we have extended our stay for now. This is in part to the challenges we experience when collecting freshly captured coastal air and can be weather related, or just gaining access to the remote and rocky shorelines, not always an easy task when it’s miles on foot.


Whilst we have plenty of climbing and safety equipment for scaling the rugged and rocky shorelines, only last week one of the most experienced in our team; Callum embarrassed himself slightly by over anticipating the drop. Needless to say, he’s back in the saddle now and with the rest of the team, scaling the rocks and shorelines for the remotest uninhabited ledges to collect the nectar that is, pure fresh coastal air.

On the ledge

This part of the British Isles is truly breath-taking, if you will excuse the pun, and is unsurpassed for the grandeur of its scenery. The mountains, fresh and salt water lochs, islands and the sea are predominant, so you can see why we have extended our visit.

From Cruachan and Ben Nevis to the “far Cuillin” from Loch Lomond and Loch Awe to Loch Ness and Loch Maree from Islay and Mull and Skye to the Outer Hebrides, Western Scotland comprises a region of irresistible appeal and there is really so much to see.

We found this link to be really useful for our planning: https://www.isleofskye.com/skye-guide/skye-places/the-cuillin

On the upside, we have a larger than normal collection of coastal air from this region and it will soon be posted on our website for sale (not forgetting free postage!) once we return to the relative safety of our rather barren and rural accommodation.

We thank you for reading our updates and look forward to posting more soon.

Have a great week, Sally, Callum and the Team - Rosy, Ronnie & Hugo

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