The Benefits of Rock Climbing ~ A Sport That Welcomes All

Grabbing Hold of Good Health

Hello friends, another week has passed and the team thought that this week we should speak a little more about how rock climbing has become a feature of our outdoor air capturing expeditions. Now:

Even though the colder weather has really settled in across the country, most of the team are still up for it. Callum’s slip a few weeks back gave us all a fright but it also got us thinking about why we enjoy rock climbing in the remotest parts of Great Britain.

Well, here’s the deal:  

As more people experience the benefits of rock climbing, the activity has become a preferred form of exercise. Whether in a gym or outdoors, there is an element to rock climbing that offers an adrenaline rush and endorphin release. Overall, rock climbing improves mental and physical strength, which allows one to grab hold of good health. You may be wondering:

What are the benefits to climbing?

Want to know the best part?

Mental and physical strength is developed when we practice solving difficult or stressful situations. Rock climbing harnesses important life skills; such as coordination and focus, all while using balance and body strength to benefit your physical health. Overall, rock climbing leads to improved confidence as well as health.

You might now be wondering:

CCA Team - Western Scotland

I don’t understand how to do it

Think you’d never try rock climbing? That is where community comes in! Rock climbing is an increasingly popular exercise not only because of the many health benefits but because of the communities formed. In most rock-climbing indoor walls, as well as outdoor groups, there is a strong positive sense of community.

It gets better:

Once you feel the rush of completing a route, you know how others feel while climbing. Encouraging words and cheers from people watching is all a part of the process of climbing. It is not as common to find such a sense of community in other workout groups. 

What if I already have a gym routine?

In life we can find ourselves in a rut of routine. Routine can make us stagnant, interfering with brain development and overall health. Through rock climbing, every workout is different. When completing a climb our brains process through the next move, so much so that the physical exercise becomes second thought.

I would be useless at it!

Here’s the thing:

I first started rock climbing at a local gym’s indoor wall because I was afraid of heights. I knew my fear of heights interfered with other areas of my life, and I set a goal to overcome this obstacle. It was a slow start, but eventually, I was able to get past this mental block and focus on the task in front of me instead of being overcome with fear.

I still have times were my fear of heights interferes with a route, but that is part of the whole process when rock climbing; seeing overall improved personal growth and feeling the reward when you reach your goal.  

What goals have you set for yourself?  

Are you getting the chance to establish and accomplishing measurable goals in your daily life?

Rock climbing inspires and motivates us to set specific goals and reach them. Each climb is a new goal, and with a variety of routes, rock walls are covered with new challenges to complete. Every time your reach to the next hold you are setting a new personal best and can witness the personal growth along the way.

Stepping out of our comfort zone might be what we need to see personal improvements

Still Not Convinced?

It gets even better:

Rosie doing the splits - Scotland 2018

Welcoming new healthy activities into your life is a way to welcome new forms of health. Occasionally the new healthy actions seem uncomfortable and foreign to us.  However, stepping out of our comfort zone might be what we need to see personal improvements. Rock climbing just might be the action that brings a new perspective to your daily routine.

Imagine sitting on that cliff side or ledge that you just climbed. You feel the endorphins and adrenaline running through you. A magnificent view is in front of you as you breathe in the fresh air, it is an incredible experience.

No Time or the Resources for a Trip?

Well, here’s another thing:

Due to the increasing popularity of rock climbing, many indoor gyms are opening all around the world.  While indoor rock climbing is not the same as being in nature, the mental and physical benefits are similar.

You can also have the fresh cliff-top air brought to you, without stepping outside your gym.  Our Coast Capture Air team literally does the climbing for you when we collect the freshest air for our customers.  Coast Capture Air can invigorate any workout, whether you are holding onto a rock or a not.

Strengthening and Socialising Through Climbing   

If one is looking for fitness to burn fat, build muscle or have a cardio workout, whether male or female, the before and after photos of my own personal progression and body transformation are a statement to the positives of the sport.

Rosie - Scotland 2018

Rock climbing is a sport that welcomes all:

When you watch others enjoying the sport, it looks like they turned a natural rock formation into a playground. Even more so, an indoor rock wall is practically an elaborate jungle gym. It is simply a fun sport, but possibly the most enjoyable part of rock climbing is the social element.

When several people gather to climb, it becomes a shared experience full of new challenges, conquered fears, and encouraging cheers, as we have found with the Coast Capture Air team. Through climbing, social interactions both necessary and voluntary naturally build character and can contribute to a more balanced life.

Other People

For safety reasons, climbing is not a solo sport:

When you are on the wall it is your time to shine, but one should not do this sport alone. Fortunately, there are many benefits to joining a group activity and there are a number of schools nationwide that offer lessons.

By rock climbing people fill a void for social interaction that naturally happens in our digital age.

Social interactions are proven to reduce depression and increase one’s overall health. Rock climbing is that answer to those looking to add a healthy dose of physical and social activity to their life whilst benefiting mental health.

You Get A Sense of Belonging

We all want to belong and feel welcome.

When it comes to physical fitness, belonging to a group provides instant accountability to show up and achieve goals. This is why so many people hire a personal trainer or join classes. Due to the group nature of climbing, communities are instantly built. It could be because social and welcoming people are drawn to rock climbing, or possibly because rock climbing makes people more inclusive and positive.

Whatever is the case, rock climbing forms an encouraging team, with a shared desire to finish a climb.

Now the best part:   

Building Character and Communication

Who could imagine going to the gym for a workout but:

Leaving the gym with newly achieved goals as well as better social skills? 

When climbing, that is exactly what happens. During a climb, it is the job of the belayer, or spotter when bouldering to inform you of the next move as well as reassure you on the indoor wall. In addition to verbally supporting the climber, the belayer also needs to listen to commands about the rope. For example, the climber may need to call down for more rope by yelling “slack”. The same happens when bouldering (climbing without ropes on a bolder).

Callum - near the end - Scotland 2018

The climber needs to call out if they are falling or coming off the rock, so the spotters can insure they land on the pad. Through the need to communicate well under pressure, social skills and leadership is developed.

Trust Your Team

Falling is a part of climbing, and falling safely is highly important, which requires the presence of others.  When you are hanging several feet off the ground, it takes trust in your belayer when on the indoor wall or spotter (when bouldering) to make sure you fall safely.

This is actually a testament to the skill and ability of one of the Coast Capture Air team, Callum, whose skill in rock-climbing was recently tested in Western Scotland. When scaling a rock to capture the purest, freshest coastal air at height, he missed his footing and fell onto the shore below.

Had Callum not had the skill gained over years of rock climbing experience, his fall could have resulted in more than just a bruised ego! (Sorry Callum for bringing that up… again).

Relationships develop rapidly when one relies on another person:

For most people, there is no need to trust others in their (or with their) life, but there are many benefits to personal growth when we learn to trust. Through rock climbing the trust muscle is exercised, all while building physical and mental strengths.

Choice of Location

If you are climbing outside, there are many health benefits which contribute to a better overall well-being.

While outdoors, Vitamin D shines down and fresh air flows through your lungs, both contributing to many physical and mental benefits.  If you prefer to climb indoors or cannot make it outside to climb, using Coast Capture Air to bring the freshness of the outdoors to your lungs is a worthwhile exercise.    

The Coast Capture Air team possess varying degrees of rock climbing ability even for a novice there are a number of decent rock climbing classes available at gyms and schools, so it is well worth looking in your local area to get your first steps on the wall to build confidence and open the door to a host of fantastic benefits,

Do you rock climb or are you willing to try?

Have you found social benefits while rock climbing?

Share your rock climbing experiences with us in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

See you soon,

Ronnie, Hugo and the Coast Capture Air team

P.S. Callum is now ‘back in the saddle’ so to speak and currently capturing the fresh coastal air on Lundy Island, situated off the Dorset coast in Southern England. You can’t keep a good man down!

The rare and fragile nectar

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