U.l.e.z. - The Ultra Low Emission Zone - Improving London Air Quality

At Coast Capture we are keen to improve London’s air quality.

London’s Mayor is always looking for new methods of dealing with too much traffic and the resulting air pollution. He is presently under much pressure. This follows the recent death from asthma of a young London girl called Rosalind.


In a recent speech, he mentioned some strategies which he has employed in London so far. These included more affordable public transport,. He also spoke about his ongoing pledge to freeze tube and bus fares. He has highlighted schemes to promote walking and riding bikes. He also speaks about research into new cleaner ways of burning waste.


The mayor also pointed out today that the city no longer buys diesel buses. He even said that he has plans to stop licencing diesel taxis.

The Mayor recently announced a new diesel vehicle scrappage scheme. Most of this new 23 million pound fund will be targeted at sole traders and micro businesses. These are firms with less than 10 people. The mayor wants diesel van owners to switch to hybrid or electric vehicles. He does not want people to go back to petrol.

In London, of course, we already have the congestion charge, the T-charge and the new 24-hour, ULEZ or ultra-low emission zone.

This is starting on 8th April 2019. In 2021, the ULEZ zone will grow to an area bounded by the North and South Circular in 2021.

Coast Capture Air and our fellow air-farming bloggers can only do our best to fulfil a clear and ever-growing demand for freshly bottled air in polluted corners of the world.

Our main idea is to raise awareness. Filthy air is a huge problem. Let’s hope that our small efforts might influence others to take action before it is too late.

As always, we love to hear your feedback, let us have your thoughts in the comments section below

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