Why you should only light natural candles to avoid indoor air pollution

I mentioned recently that we attended the annual IAPS Conference. This a forum for experts from all around Europe. They discuss air pollution and related issues.  We care deeply about the environment and air quality. So this was of great interest to us.

We went to a talk entitled “Indoor Air Pollution - Personal Exposure and Health.” This was presented by Dr. Sani. He is a public health scientist from public health England. Dr Sani’s talk covered a number of different topics. One of these was the factors affecting indoor air quality. it covered the sources of indoor air pollutants and their short and long terms health effects.   This was clearly a very complex study. However, at a basic level it described how each one of us contributes to the air pollution within our homes.

Throughout our home, we only buy only organic and natural cleaning products. The same applies to personal care. We make sure that we open window and doors to allow a throughflow of fresh air when we clean. As we live by the beach, this is very pleasant.

Try lighting candles on the terrace. Coupled with breathing fresh coastal air, it creates a relaxing ambience.

We love lighting candles on the terrace in the evening as part of our relaxing bedtime routine.  It creates a nice relaxing ambience. This, coupled with breathing in the fresh coastal air, is most conducive to a good night’s sleep.  The candles we choose at home have to be organic. They contain 100% natural fragrances and no harmful chemicals.

Over the past few weeks the Coast Capture Air team have independently sourced participants with regard to their choice of relaxation practices and techniques* for any tips we can pass on to you and for inclusion in our ‘Six Steps to a Calming Bedtime Routine’ blog (on our blog pages now) lighting of a candle to assist relaxation, was high up on the relaxation list.

We heard some horror stories too, as it is the quality of the candles that is important. Taking into consideration the scientific findings of indoor air pollution, you must read the ingredients listed in your chosen candle, to avoid any nasty chemicals such as Acetone, Trichlorofluoromethane, Carbon Disulfide, 2-Butanone, Trichloroethene, Carbon Tetrachloride, Styrene, Xylene, Cresol, Cyclopentene… the list goes on and on....when we came across this information, it created a feeling of stress rather than relaxation for our team (Thankyourbody.com).

One sure fire way (pun intended) to determine a bad candle from a good one is make sure the wick does not contain lead, as up to 30% of candles were found to contain lead to make the wick firmer (Thankyourbody.com).

What about the luxury high-end candles?

Focusing on the high quality candles that are on the market, we’ve skipped the most common luxury candle choices (you know the ones we mean, Ms. Malone) for those that are unique in that they have a particularly distinctive special quality.

Neom promise 100% natural fragrances for the mind & body, made in Britain from only natural & organic ingredients

My personal ‘go-to’ favourite candle manufacturers are Nolattie and Neom, both of whom have created 100% natural fragrances which according to Neom, aid sleep, de-stress and boost energy.


The best fragrance for relaxing is Neom’s candle named ‘Happiness’ (what’s not to love!)which contains white neroli, mimosa and lemon. It is a delightful fragrance and the knowledge that there are no harsh chemicals or artificial colours contained in these beautiful candles makes lighting one for relaxation all the more appealing.

The ‘hands down’ vote from the Coast Capture Air team for the number one candle currently on the market, is the true luxury in every sense of the word is… drum roll please… Nolattie candle.

“created to evoke homely memories and to enhance comforting feelings”

These delightful organic candles go one step further that the well-known brands in that they are handmade, hand poured and have a luxury feel from the beautiful packaging to the delightful first lighting. Made in Ampthill, England this lovely new brand has the rare combination of luxury and good value stamped all over it. With an incredible burn time of 50 hours (very few other candles meet this tested target) there’s even more to love. 

With names such as ‘Baby Soft’ and ‘Open Fire’ all the candles in the Nolattie range are created to “evoke homely memories and to enhance comforting feelings” and with scent being the quickest way to evoke memories, when lighting a Nolattie, I am transported to a happy memory.

But don’t just take our word for it check out Neom and Nolattie candles at the links below and experience a matchless (sorry!) enhancement to your relaxation routine.

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*Coast Capture Air do not receive any profit from their recommendations of products, all recommendations are based on consumer research results for the sole benefit of our tribe of trusted followers.      

Neom organics: https://www.neomorganics.com/

Nolattie:  https://www.nolattie.co.uk





* Consumer usage research involving 42 participants in London and the Home Counties – May 2019.




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