We use a British glass company in Bristol. They make all the jars for our English air.

As a family company. Our core values are to deliver high standards of quality to our many customers. This starts with the premium products we create. It extends to the sort of packaging we choose.  We are acutely aware of the impact that this has on the environment. We chose glass not plastic.

  • Glass is 100% recyclable and has an endless recycling life. This really helps protect the environment.

  • Glass is the most natural and purest material to package freshly captured coastal air.

  • It provides an outstanding barrier against outside influences.

  • Glass is made from natural materials. It looks beautiful and delivers the wow factor!

  • It will not spoil the contents and our fresh coastal air stays fresher for longer.

  • The look and design of our premium product is very important. Glass does not lose its shape either.

  • In short, it maintains the high quality of our products better than any other material.

As a British company we wanted to choose British glass to store our products. After some extensive research, we finally found a glass company in Bristol to produce all our bottles and corks. Unlike most other firms, they took the time to listen and understand what we wanted to achieve with our product and brand. We benefit from their design skills, their vast industry knowledge and their network of trusted suppliers.

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Jaime Lawson