The Causes of Air Pollution and the Ethos of Our Company

We are a family business and when we began, we gave away bottles of coastal air to friends and family who stayed at our seaside home. Many found that their asthma and other ailments subsided during their stay. Most said that they had slept much better during their visit.  We started a small company. Word quickly spread and the rest is history. To read more about our journey please see our ‘About’ page.

We hope that each bottle of freshly captured coastal air spreads the message of our values and passion.  We want be a force for good. Our beautiful glass jars are certainly a conversation starter. We want them to be an awareness raiser too. We would like every sale of our bottled air to be a gentle reminder of the fragility of pure air. We live in a very polluted world. We are doing our best to ensure that fresh coastal air should be a right and not a privilege.

But that’s not all…

Air pollution is currently at the top of the public health agenda. It pervades every aspect of our lives. Pollution is in our streets and towns. It is even in our homes and work places via indoor pollutants.

Beautiful Western Scotland

It can be linked to a large number of ailments. Pollution causes diseases such as asthma, lung cancer and other obstructive lung diseases and ailments. It is also connected to coronary heart disease. It causes allergies and even low birth rates.


There is now an increased public support for anti-pollution measures. This has mobilised action in many areas.

Fill your lungs, clear your mind
— Joseph Necle'
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