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Lizard Point, Cornwall ~ The southern tip of the Lizard Peninsula

  • Lizard Point Cornwall TR12 Great Britian (map)

No sooner have we completed our Air Capturing Expedition to Chun Downs Nature Reserve, we had again set off to our next location; Lizard Point on the beautiful Lizard Heritage Coast of Cornwall, England.

Lizard Point is the most southerly point of mainland Great Britain. We love a challenge and the quick turnaround of equipment, clean dry clothes and a fantastic brief stay at the Land’s End Hotel and Restaurant we were off on the road again. It really felt like a holiday for the team and Callum was leading this time around. The weather has been absolutely wonderful and the fact that we set off so early in the day… or is it still technically night? affords us the best spot for Air Capture in the remotest areas where we can slowly set up our air monitoring equipment, taking care not to harm or disturb the natural environment and wildlife.

Lizard Point has is an interesting location, as it has a rich history of being the point of the first sighting of the Spanish Armada on 29 July 1588, one of the largest invasions in shipping history. A mere 431 years later, the Coast Capture Air team plan to be at the exact spot to capture the purest coastal air.

Lizard Point is situated within Caerthillian to Kennack Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) noted for its geological and biological interest. This area has a mild and warm climate regulated by the Gulf Stream, allowing rich plant cover such as palm trees in the far south and west of the county. The air in this area is renowned for its clean quality caught between the bracing sea winds. We plan, as always, to capture at daybreak, which not only affords us the purest air capture but the most stunning views and scenery.

The Coast Capture Team also plan to visit Polpeor Cove, a small cove to the east of Lizard Point with a south facing very small beach and at that time we will determine the quality of air capture in that area.

Look out for the Air Captures from our Cornish Expeditions in our shop at the end of July 2019.