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  • Where do you collect the air from?

Coast Capture Air collect fresh coastal Air from a number of coastal locations around Great Britain. These locations are often remote and hard to reach. The air collected is therefore pure and fragile. Locations 

  • How do you ‘capture’ the air?

We have researched and trialled our air capturing technique over a number of years. For trademark purposes our air capturing techniques, processes and equipment remain undisclosed. We can photograph or film the process leading up to the actual capture. However, we are bound by legal agreements not to disclose our intellectual property rights. 

  • How fresh is the air you capture?

To maintain the high quality of the air we capture, we bottle and seal at source. We ship within 24 hours of the actual capture.  We guarantee the air is as unpolluted as possible by utilising highly sensitive air quality monitors to measure Particulate Matter. This equipment demonstrates the air is of exceptional quality. Unlike our competitors, we work closely with a leading UK Air Monitor Manufacturer. We ensure that the air is scientifically proven to contain extremely low levels of any criteria pollutants. Read More About the purity of our captured air.

  • Is fresh coastal air really good for you, or is it all hype?

The health benefits of inhaling fresh coastal air are well known, both scientifically and anecdotally. When we first began researching capturing coastal air, we asked this question to qualified experts - see our blog: The Health Benefits of Fresh Coastal Air for further interesting information on this topic. Also, refer to our Inhalation Techniques to discover ways to enhance your breathing experience.

  • I’ve heard about people selling air before, how do you differ from your competitors?

There will always be people selling air but there are no guarantees to the customer that their purchase is authentic. Coast Capture Air differ from their competitors in numerous ways. Here is a list of how we differ from our competitors and what makes us the preferred, number one choice.

  • I’ve read that there are pollutants everywhere, isn’t this just a ‘barmy’ idea?

There are many potential “pollutants” in the air dependent on location, weather, traffic, local industries etc. It is our aim to capture air from some of the most remote destinations around Great Britain.

The measurement of parameters involved in “Air Quality” is not easy. Many cheaper sensors are available to detect gases but these are not selective. They may have cross-interference from other gases present at the time of testing. The devices we use measure the above gases (and PM) and use sensor cross-interference corrections to augment the data produced.

  • What exactly is the reason for capturing coastal air?

Coast Capture Air’s aim is that each bottle of freshly captured coastal air be a force for good. By being a ‘conversation starter’ and an ‘awareness raiser’. By being a gentle reminder to our customers and beyond of the fragility of pure air as a rare commodity and ultimately, the belief that fresh coastal air should be a right and not a privilege.

  • If you capture air from remote locations around Great Britain, is there any danger to the environment or wildlife at that location?

Throughout our air capture expeditions we are mindful of the impact we have on our environment. When choosing and attending areas for fresh coastal air capture, we are considerate not to harm or disturb wildlife or the fragile ecosystem. Please see our Environmental Policy & Values for further information.

  • Can I purchase regularly and set up a re-order?

Yes. To set us a re-order, please email us with your choice of air. To choose the air from one of our air capturing destinations, please see our Capture Expeditions. 

  • Do you ship globally?

Yes. We have many customers worldwide who enjoy the health benefits of breathing Coast Capture Air.

  • How much are shipping costs?

Postage is free worldwide but any custom charges at the destination are paid by the customer.

  • How long does it take to ship?

This depends on your location, drop us an email at and we will let you know the most likely postage/shipping time from our preferred courier.

  • Can I choose the location I would like the air collected from?

We’re glad you asked, and yes you can! Please refer to our Personalised Air Capture Service in our website Shop. Our customers often tell us about their special memories and personal favourite locations around Great Britain. These locations are not always on the coast. For this reason, we have created a unique Personalised Air Capture Service tailored to your special requirements.

At your request, we will travel to any location throughout Great Britain to harvest the air at your preferred location.  The location can be anywhere and does not have to be coastal. The captured air will be delivered to you in our distinctive Air Capture bottle, this will be presented in an exclusive Air Capture box.

  • How much does the Personalised Air Capture service cost?

The charge for the Personalised Air Capture service depends on many factors. E.g. the particular location, amount of air required, whether you require aerial film footage and/or photography etc.  Please contact us at and we will be happy to give you a quote. 

  • How will Coast Capture Air prove they have been to the location I requested?

For quality and authenticity and a unique air capture experience, we will photograph as much of the air capture at the specified location. The captured air will be delivered to you in our distinctive Air Capture bottle, presented in an exclusive Air Capture box.

  • Do you work with any other companies / partners?

Yes, we work with a leading UK Air Monitor manufacturer to authenticate our captures with ‘cutting edge’ air quality instruments.

All of our location photography, filming, aerial footage and audio recordings are created by SkyActiveLtd.

We are also proud to work with suppliers who share our principles in being environmentally conscious. Along with those who endeavour to reduce the impact of their manufacturing processes.

To substantiate our principles, Coast Capture Air donate a percentage of profits to both the British Lung Foundation and The World Health Organisation. We support the BreatheLife global campaign for clean air.

We also take part in a number of national and local and UK wide clean air initiatives. As well as volunteering with the Thames 21 Waterways charity to improve rivers and canals for people and wildlife.

  • We notice you have coastal sounds on your website, where are the sounds collected from?

Coast Captured Sounds has been created for our customers to listen to the sounds of the sea from the location where their air is captured. These coastal sounds are recorded by SkyActiveLtd. using high quality audio recording equipment.  

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