indulge your senses

How to inhale your
freshly captured coastal air

We recommend you refrigerate your bottle of freshly captured coastal air prior to inhalation.

We suggest the following:

  1. Find a peaceful, comfortable place to sit where you will be uninterrupted

  2. Clear your nasal cavity by blowing your nose

  3. Hold your Coast Capture Air glass bottle in both hands for a few moments, be mindful when feeling its curves, smooth edges and the weight of the bottle

  4. Before removing the cork from the bottle, take a few normal breaths in and out. When you breathe in, breathe from the diaphragm, not from your chest

  5. Attempt to breathe out for longer than you breathe in to activate your parasympathetic nervous system. Relax your shoulders

  6. Whilst breathing slowly and deeply, remove the cork of your bottle, place the opening close to your nose and slowly inhale the freshly captured coastal air. It may smell a little salty but this is to be expected. Close your eyes if you prefer

  7. After each inhalation, replace the cork over the bottle opening to reduce the contents escaping

  8. Do this for a few minutes and finally replace the cork in the bottle one last time

  9. Notice how much calmer you feel afterwards.

  10. Repeat as required.

To enhance your inhalation experience, listen to one of our free Coast Capture Sounds and allow your mind to take you on a journey to your coastal location of choice