Coast Capture Air are pleased to announce a uniquely personal Air Capture Service

Our customers often tell us about their special memories and personal favourite locations around Great Britain that are not on the coast. For this reason, we have created a unique Personalised Air Capturing Service tailored to your special requirements.

At your request, we will travel to any location throughout Great Britain to harvest the air at your preferred location. For quality and authenticity we will photograph as much of the air capture, as legally possible, at the specified location*.

The captured air will be delivered to you in our distinctive Coast Capture Air bottle presented in an exclusive Coast Capture Air box.

On our travels to Britain, my wife and I visited many London landmarks over the years.
Elaine loved the air captured from Buckingham Palace and we keep it as a souvenir of our travels. Visitors always comment on it; it’s a conversation starter, that’s for sure!
— Duncan G, NSW, Australia

 Location of Choice

The location you choose does not have to be coastal & can be anywhere within Great Britain

Our air farming techniques will be used to harness the air at your preferred location. You may rest assured that the air captured will be given the same care and deference equal to our coastal air packages and the same high standards will prevail.
You may wish to choose a location from a memory that is personal to you, or a loved one.

  • Maybe there is a favourite place that is close to your heart?

  • Perhaps you would like to choose a historic or well-known landmark?

  • A memorable film of TV series location?

  • Why not collect the air from this memorable place to commemorate, reminisce or celebrate?

  • Treasure this captured air as a keep-sake, a unique gift for a loved one, or for personal inhalation.

Prices for our select personalised air capture service are available upon request.
Please register your interest by completing the form below, giving as much detail as possible. We will then be in contact to discuss your Personal Air Capture requirements.

 *for Trademark purposes our air capturing techniques, processes and equipment remain undisclosed. 


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