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h2o Photography - Adventure sports and wild places photography

It's not just Coast Capture Air who enjoy the thrill of wild landscapes. Adventure sports & wild places photographer, Annette Price, photographs a host of outdoor activities as well as caves, disused mines and architecture. Annette's work came to our attention due to her being one of the most outstanding landscape photographers we have seen for a long time. 

A number of Annette's remote scenes are high on the list of locations we like to visit. 

But most importantly: 

Annette stands out from her contemporaries due to her fresh and original take on natural and urban landscapes, her project entitled The River Within, focusing on the River Thames, is particularly unique. Having been published in a wide range of magazines and newspapers, it is clear that Annette's clients agree with us. For her stunning client list and more examples of her work please see here.

When we were first starting out, Coast Capture Air attended a low-cost SEO FOR BEGINNERS talk at City Business Library given by London SEO Expert, Mike Loomey. Mike is the owner of 3-in-1 SEO and he certainly knows his stuff.  Before long with Mike's help, we had Coast Capture Air’s back link numbers and Google rankings on the increase.

We particularly liked Mike’s approach because:

  • We were not obliged to sign up to a pricey annual SEO contract; 

  • Rather than taking a huge upfront fee for a jargon-packed report which would mean nothing to us, he explained everything in layman's terms, showing us, wherever possible, how to do the necessary SEO tasks ourselves. He is also very good at gently pointing us in the right direction when we stray from the path of necessity;

  • Mike has been involved in SEO for many years and can recommend a whole host of reasonably-priced experts in related disciplines. He has introduced our team to a number of really great and useful contacts. 

More often than not, when starting a business, one needs to be careful on how they are spending their money and choosing what is a ‘necessity’ for their business and what is a ‘nice to have, but not essential’. The ‘proof of the pudding’ here is that thanks to Mike's expertise our rankings are increasing each day. 

Thanks, Mike, we couldn’t do it without you and your dedicated team!


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