Calm and tranquil sounds of the sea. Sounds to enrich your inhalation experience

It's a commonly held belief that listening to CD’s and MP3’s of coastal sounds helps greatly with relaxation. We, at Coast Capture Air would emphatically agree.

In some people’s recordings, sound volumes vary considerably. As an aid to relaxation this may seem a problem. You would think that surely an abrupt change in volume would break a tranquil mood. It’s actually more complex than that …

For example, if you were listening to an mp3 of rain sounds, the odd thunderclap would probably not wake you up. However a sudden scream or an alarm going off at a similar volume certainly would.

It's all to do with how our mind interprets a certain sound or noise. Is it viewed as a threat or a not? Certain things can safely be ignored, whilst others cannot.

But what about this point too?

Having gentle seaside sounds playing whilst you sleep, to a degree will also help block out various disturbing household sounds which you cannot control. For example, a baby crying in your neighbour's adjacent bedroom.

It’s obvious when you think about it but it took a while to catch on. At first people started listening to sounds of the seaside on CD. Then, with the introduction of smart phones and now the ubiquitous smart speakers, this type of “music” is proving increasingly popular.

Below, you will find some short MP3 recordings which we have made at various calm and tranquil coastal locations throughout the UK.

Fear not! There are no alarm sounds, screams or babies crying in our current recordings, nor will we include any in our future mp3s.

If you would prefer to listen to some longer pieces whilst you relax, meditate and inhale an ice cold bottle of fresh UK air, you will find plenty on YouTube or Spotify.

We also like to relax, meditate and listen to some quite piano or cello music whilst inhaling the purest air in the UK.

If you have any great suggestions for some really relaxing music, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Please check back regularly for more recordings ~ Thanks!

lundy island by the devon coast line of great britain . . .

shutter point, lundy heritage coast great britain. . .

aonb ~ norfolk coast Great Britain . . .